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Engagement strategies to ignite your movement

Engagement Strategy

One Movement Engagement Strategy

Community-Focused Engagement Strategies.

At One Movement, we leverage over 30 years of combined experience working with and within the labour movement to fortify relationships among community members.

We understand each and every organization is different -- from the way they communicate with one another, down to the cause they are fighting for. In this way, we collaborate closely with organizations to understand their distinctive needs, in order to create innovative solutions to ensure the most impactful engagement strategies are implemented.

One Movement Engagement Strategy

The power of an undivided community

An “engaged” community is defined by so much more than just in-person and written communication.

It’s about nurturing environments that encourage community members to engage in authentic and meaningful conversation. At One Movement, we help organizations unlock the potential in their supporter communities. Through powerful engagement strategies, we strive to help communities understand the strength that hold when standing together.

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